The creative juices are flowing from the end of a hammer...another hammered wire design, using a favorite "go to" artist's pendant, Staci Louise Originals.  There are some truly talented artisans whose work is incredible -- they never disappoint, and you will see their beads and pendants, etc. in my work over and over again.  And, as each artist's view is unique, it helps me change gears to incorporate their style and quality into my own creation.  This hammering art (thanks again, Heather Powers) could not have come into my consciousness at a better time, I tell ya!  Timing is everything and I am really enjoying it. I also incorporated a Golem yellow round in the bottom charm. 



Something cathartic about using a hammer and pounding on anything, but especially metal and watching it transform from it's original form!  Thanks to Heather Powers of Humblebeads, for her generous "Bead Table Wednesday" live podcasts, which truly inspire.  It looks easy when she does it, but I must confess this project was NOT!  I found hammering 14 or 16 gauge copper wire to a flattened state and then centering my hole punch as not to drill right through the whole end ($%^&*@#) a difficult task!  So, I came up with an alternative method to achieve a similar look.  I used 12 gauge floral wire (which looks to be copper but of course is more an artistic wire with a protective covering).  As I continued to hammer and flatten the wire, the coating started to peel, but I just kept going cuz I knew it would work!  Once I was sure I had punched an acceptable hole on both sides of the "U", and had it properly flattened, then I used some light sandpaper to knock off the loose pieces and got creative with my vintaj paints.  LOVE how this turned out.  I also used one of Heather's incredible polymer clay tubular beads and one of her birds.  Totally new style and look for me.  Thank you so much for inspiring me Heather!



I'm kind of hooked on this Tree of Life pattern... and since practice makes perfect on wire wrapping... I'm keeping this wrapping frenzy moving.  This version is slightly larger than my last post, and I used patinaed copper wire,which worked better than the artisan wire I had used last, for both strength and shape.  I also have trouble making the exact same pattern more than once, so I added a few leaves at the bottom.  FUN!  I have not yet come up with the necklace part, so it may end up on chain.  I don't want to distract too much from the beauty of the tree, so we shall see.  

Also, in this post a color variation on the butterfly pattern.  Butterflies have such beautiful natural color combinations -- I figure I cannot go wrong with anything I might come up with.  And, ohhh, in person, love these sparklies!!  The center cabochon is such a wonderful match to this pattern - from ArtBeads , an 18x13 oval Paua if you are interested.  Lots of colors available, and they fit the butterfly pattern perfectly with the marbled shell look!!!



I've been looking at this Inspiration project on Fusion Beads' site for awhile - I even printed it off a few times, thinking I would get to it, but didn't, until finally...over a few evenings last week and a bit over the mother's day weekend, found myself with some extra luxury time... so decided to start cutting pieces of wire to see if I couldn't get my own "Tree of Life" pendant put together.  It's a project that's difficult to put down once you start, as there are multiple wires sticking up in a small space ready to be individually wound.  But, I can honestly say I LOVED THIS PROJECT.  It is creative and challenging.  [As an aside, I made my own wire frame on this version, which created a few challenges along the way - I used 20 gauge wire (hindsight says 16 or 18 would have been better).  Sturdiness did become a small issue as I got further along in the wrapping process, as it kept changing shape, even though I had hammered for strength - note to self for next one.] Once I got the trunk wires all wound and was happy with the way it looked, it was just a matter of placing the fire polish bead branches and continuing to wrap.  What about that "fly" you say?  Well... Funny story!  As I was taking the photos, I didn't notice a fly had come to perch right on one of the branches of the Tree - see if you can spot him in one of the shots below.  So so F U N N Y what you can't see right in front of you until it is enlarged!  :)



My newest creations using a Flowering Moon pendant by Gaea Cannaday. Her latest hand formed copper and resin pendant creations are so incredible.  They look and feel so happy and wear beautifully.  The colors in this piece - from the moon, to the rays of hope and love that exude, well, all I can say is thanks so much Gaea for inspiring me...my pictures do not do your pendant justice.  Necklace and earring designs by JDreams.



Happy Pre-Easter Weekend! My beading continues to be a bit sporadic in 2017, hence the distance between posts.  I'm working on it... but it's slow, so I'll just say I've been out of sync... I do hope for the days to return where I bounce out of bed with a new design or color combo in mind, or the happy anticipation of spending time at my beading table, to finish a project I have in process.  The "feelin' it" part of my creative soul is a little lacking... I'm working on that and these beautiful bright colors sure help.  Yes, the reawakening of color in spring inspires - Yeah for that!  So, without further delay, here are a few projects I haven't yet posted -- a couple pairs of Easter earrings just completed in time for wearing; a peyote pair that go with a bracelet from a previous post; a bracelet in metallic tones; and, a new FAVORITE piece of mine - a Budderbye, as our now 7 year old grandson used to refer to butterflies.  I will forever call them that... with love in my heart and remembrance of that first time I heard our adorable boy say ''BUDDERBYE".  It always makes me smile.

And... drum roll... here's that BUDDERBYE I referred to ... a pattern design by Margherita Fusco [April 2017, Bead and Button].  This color combo is incredible in the sunlight.

And, a bracelet in copper tones, which really doesn't photo very well.  It's much prettier in person.  Design called Denali Cuff designed by Carole Ohl.

These darlin primary color dangle peyote earrings were made to be worn as a compliment to the peyote bracelet in my March 6, 2017 post.


CHAINON Addiction and some added bling!

Hi, my name is Janet and I'm an Eileen Barker "Chainon" pattern addict! HA HA! True story!  It's an awfully fun stitch!  Here's another of my latest versions and really, my camera just doesn't seem to be picking up the beautiful beads to show how awesome the shades are together, but I guess this will have to do.  I added 8.0 sb in between the super duos for a slight alteration of the pattern, and added a 6mm bead inside the center bump to provide a little more stability for long-term wear.  The earrings were kind of an afterthought, but aren't they pretty with the bracelet?



I go through stages . . . I'm sure everyone does . . . when I like one stitch or method of making jewelry more than another.  Right now I'm on a peyote kick, and while it sometimes seems like a slow stitch, the results are always pretty fun and wonderful.  Peyote and herringbone are my two favorite stitches, but I do also really enjoy brick stitch, and crochet, and ... and ... and ... So, back to peyote - here are a couple of my latest projects.  The first one is bright and in primary 11/0 delicas, started with a Fusion Beads bracelet design, and about 1/4 of the way through I quit looking at their pattern and went with my own. I decided at some point to close it with an E-clasp, but a bit too late - I had already stitched most of one of the end pieces too wide, so had to tear that all out.  Live and learn... I was not even thinking of how I would finish the bracelet, so thought it would magically work out.  Alas, it did not... that's when you start cursing and then just start cutting!  

The second design is more muted spring colors of my own design using 11/0 delicas and 11/0 rounds.  It was fun inserting the slightly larger rounds with the delicas, which made it a less even design, and certainly fit with the free-form look I was going for.  I actually started the project with a bracelet in mind, but then decided I wasn't up to that long a project and that earrings would be better.  And, I haven't done fringe in awhile so thought that would be fun.  It was totally a free flowing project and I had no idea where it would end up. See what you think!



Spring cannot come soon enough.  What a long cold snowy winter it has been, and while I have always loved the snow... this year has given me pause.  And, add insult to injury, I got this wonderful flu/cold bug that's been circulating the country.  I'm still fighting it, but much better.  Ah, to feel like there might be health again... Beading is the answer, and here are my latest creations which bring me great joy!

This earring pattern was calling to me from under my stacks of beading magazines... I just had to try the pattern and I had hoped to wear them on Valentine's Day, but, alas, that was not to be!  But now... yes, now... I need to find that perfect outfit to really show them off!  They are really wonderful in person, and have a true flair . . . A design by Thomasin Alyxander aptly named "flirtatious daggers".

These earrings are also g o r g e o u s!  It was a bracelet design by Deborah Hodoyer featured on the cover of Beadwork magazine.   I didn't think the pictures did the pattern justice, so decided to play around with the colors to see if I could spruce it up a bit.  Love how both sets below ended up.  The multi-copper 8.0 seed beads and the turquoise kheops and multi faceted 2-hole silky beads are a wonderful eye-popping combo. 

And, a new necklace in the double spiral rope pattern to go with . . . finished with some simple leather and wire wrapping.  Isn't the combo of multi-faceted fire polish, turquoise czech drops and the varying colors of 11.0, 8.0 and 6.0 sb yummy?  I am so happy with the way it turned out. 

And, then for absolute fun... I'm loving these adjustable bracelets!  The peyote bead work can be as easy or hard as you want to make it -- done fairly quickly, or, more extensive -- the skies the limit!  What a fun new splash of color on the wrist.  This first pattern is from Fusion Beads' Inspiration page, and I gave it my own spin, with bright colors for spring.  Notice the rubber rings on the side too, which I added to hold the bead work in place, but also to pull it together.  More bright colors needed...until we are officially at springtime.

This next pattern is my own design, and I'm loving the snakeskin in purple!



I've been working on some new designs - yeah!  Some I can share right now and some I can't, so stay tuned... it's all about the timing don't ya know...and who might be getting what when... ha ha!  Mostly, I've been appreciating and enjoying getting back to some regular beading sessions with my friends!  We had all taken a break through the Hollydaze, and then bad weather and roads continued to make things difficult.  However, of late, we have been getting in a few group bead sessions, and that makes me so happy, and helps my artistic juices flow.  It's always fun to see how differently we all see the same pattern, and then the choices of colors, etc. we all make.  Thank you to my "bead-line" ("life-line") of friends!! :)   

So, back to some of what I've been making -- some darlin' earrings, most of these shown are my JDreams design.  The first pair below is my design... I think they're so spring-like! and I was able to get a pic outside while the sun was shining.

The pair below also my JDreams design - for someone very special.  Don't they go beautifully with the scarf underneath?

And below a creation for a friend who prefers posts instead of loop earrings, plus anything silver.  I try hard to keep posts in stock, so I'm not madly searching at the last minute.  I was happy I had these available.

And last, but not least, some fun copper wire wrapped, purple 3-shade dangles - the bead weaving design is from Deb Roberti (color variation from a previous post), and the overall design, with wire wrapping, mine.  C U T E and really light! 

Stay tuned... more to come...