Oh, the colors of Easter and spring... pastels all around.  Such yummy eye candy delights.  I really enjoy making seasonal pieces - I get into the mood of the colors, the weather, the fun and thus motivation of it.  Sometimes I'm truly amazed at what I did a year ago, or a few years ago, as I'm constantly evolving -- changing my methods, my likes, and my abilities.  This wonderful bunny pendant is from Ashley at Summer Wind Art and it's so perfect for my Easter necklace this year!  He's been safely held captive in one of my "stash" drawers.  It was past time for him to emerge.  :)  I added some copper wire wrapping and some dangles in czech glass (flower cap) and swarovski crystals.  Perfect!  Then for the necklace I strung green square czech glass and square puff blue angelite (I believe... although the strand wasn't marked, so that's my guess!) with some czech rondelles and size 8 sb in-between.  

And now for some Easter ear candy...Nothing too hard or serious, just lots of fun and bright color.  And what's Easter without bunnies and carrots dangling from your ears?  


Albena Weibel said...

Very creative and original jewelery!

Janet Carter said...

Thank you Albena.