I do love hearts, have I mentioned that??? and while I didn't get my Valentine's Day post done in time, I'm going to post anyway, even though late.  Better late than never - and, hearts are wonderful all year round.  I'm especially proud of these because I taught my very first earring wrapped wire beaded heart component, after I made the first pair, which was a hit.  Wrapping the wire and making two "close" to the same size/shape components is always the challenge, but also the fun part of this creation.  I lived through the class - and, so did they, but because they are my very special beading sistahs, they are SO forgiving -- I thank them for that experienceHere are the results... my latest heart creations.

This pair is different than the top pics, which you may note already because the heart shape is a little wider - but the colors are more peachy/pink, and if you look close you can see the translucence of the 11.0 sbs on the first brick stitch go-around the hearts.  Love these!  I started this pair during the class I taught.



Rivette Pendant, an incredible design by Patrick Duggan in the December 2015/January 2016 special issue of Beadwork's Holiday Gifts absolutely caught my eye.  It was so different than other designs and it truly is an eye catcher piece up close and personal-like!  And, bead size DOES matter in this design.  All beads need to be uniform, or the top will not lay as nicely - the fit just won't be there.  Luckily in this first version, I chose wisely.  However, on my second pendant, I didn't and it made a difference once I stitched my way to the top - the triangles did not lay as flat... it's still a great piece, don't get me wrong, but not worthy of selling or gift giving.  Darn, what a great excuse to keep for myself!  :)  Here's the first pendant, along with earrings I made to go with.  The earrings are taken from a design I saw on FusionBeads site.  I tweaked to my own liking of course.  Awesome set, if I don't say so myself!

This is the underside view of the pendant.  I think it's pretty great as well!  It gives a better picture of what the building block beads are for the structure.



The color palette of sunflowers, SO BEAUTIFUL, and even though it's still winter, this combination just seemed to be calling to me - it was my fall-back if you will.  I started this lovely piece with the pendant, a Leela Beads design, in a class taught by Sandy Taylor.  My first attempt was in purple/pink hues, but alas, I just wasn't feeling the "love" of the piece as I finished it, and that's pretty much my gauge.  And, even though my husband gave me his usual oohs and aahs, I see scissors in that pendant's very near future!  It just didn't come together, plus I missed a couple of steps in the pattern (which did make a difference!) because I was enjoying my beading sistahs and not paying close enough attention...I may even have been talking!  Ha!  So, here' the final... ta da... This pattern uses the new Chilli beads, mini superduos, a 14mm rivoli, 11.0 and 15.0 seed beads and I went with the larger drops - 3 or 4 mm work.

Plus, these adorable earrings of my JDreams design, using polka dot orange heart ceramic buttons as my centerpiece.  Bo Hulley's artistry -- these hearts were shouting out "come get me" from my stash and I heard them!!  I added some table cut czech glass and some wood!  Really am excited about this combo.