Rivette Pendant, an incredible design by Patrick Duggan in the December 2015/January 2016 special issue of Beadwork's Holiday Gifts absolutely caught my eye.  It was so different than other designs and it truly is an eye catcher piece up close and personal-like!  And, bead size DOES matter in this design.  All beads need to be uniform, or the top will not lay as nicely - the fit just won't be there.  Luckily in this first version, I chose wisely.  However, on my second pendant, I didn't and it made a difference once I stitched my way to the top - the triangles did not lay as flat... it's still a great piece, don't get me wrong, but not worthy of selling or gift giving.  Darn, what a great excuse to keep for myself!  :)  Here's the first pendant, along with earrings I made to go with.  The earrings are taken from a design I saw on FusionBeads site.  I tweaked to my own liking of course.  Awesome set, if I don't say so myself!

This is the underside view of the pendant.  I think it's pretty great as well!  It gives a better picture of what the building block beads are for the structure.

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