I do love hearts, have I mentioned that??? and while I didn't get my Valentine's Day post done in time, I'm going to post anyway, even though late.  Better late than never - and, hearts are wonderful all year round.  I'm especially proud of these because I taught my very first earring wrapped wire beaded heart component, after I made the first pair, which was a hit.  Wrapping the wire and making two "close" to the same size/shape components is always the challenge, but also the fun part of this creation.  I lived through the class - and, so did they, but because they are my very special beading sistahs, they are SO forgiving -- I thank them for that experienceHere are the results... my latest heart creations.

This pair is different than the top pics, which you may note already because the heart shape is a little wider - but the colors are more peachy/pink, and if you look close you can see the translucence of the 11.0 sbs on the first brick stitch go-around the hearts.  Love these!  I started this pair during the class I taught.

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