Happy New Year!  Wow, where does the time go?  What happened to 2016?  We're now to the 10th day of January in the new year 2017 and I'm realizing I haven't posted anything in quite awhile.  I hope to remedy that, starting now.  The weather has been assisting me, as it's been beautifully winter, but now kind of becoming a pain because it is difficult to get anywhere.  Lots of snow here in Boise thus far, and more snow and rain on the way.  My husband has done a lot of shoveling and he's growing weary of getting that "good exercise!"  But, back to my project -- here's my latest set created with lovely spring colors and bright, cheery dragonflies highlighted in a Golem pendant.  I was so happy with my choice of beads for the necklace, especially the daggers -- they just seem to set the stage for the dragonflies, and the earrings go oh so perfectly!  They are a design by Deb Roberti.  Luckily this wintry weather did help provide me some much needed indoor, "no need to be anywhere" time, because I really needed to finish this ensemble "almost" in time for a special birthday girl - Krissy!  I had told her it was going to be very late, but, you never can tell about beaders...when the moment strikes... I'm on it!

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