I do quite a bit of wire wrapping, but there is ALWAYS so much more to learn.  New ways to do things, new tools to use, etc.  So, I had a free Saturday and Beth Routhier was teaching a dainty wire wrap "Floating Infinity" design class @ Bead Street so I joined the group!  It was definitely a learning curve for me, just holding the pliers so as not to mar the thicker wire took some time - I bead tight - but it was oh so fun and I did learn so much.  I learned about bail making pliers, and how to patina.  I've wanted to know that technique for so long, and now I know (really, enough to be dangerous!)  Love this pattern - thank you Beth!  I went home and finished the hook closure, even though I originally thought that type of closure would be too difficult for me to connect on my wrist, but it was a cinch!  I also made some darlin' butterfly earrings to match.  As time permitted over the weekend I made a second bracelet in blue hues.  I'm now hooked on using 16 and 18 gauge wire (I usually work with 20-24 gauge), and using these bail making pliers in differing sizes.  PLUS the patina process - love how it makes the copper wire look, without having to wait so long for the natural aging process.

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