My daughter-in-law bought me some beautiful beads on the Oregon Coast, so I got busy and designed one piece, making perfect use of each special bead.  The long orange coral pieces at the bottom were the start - I wire wrapped (I worked hard at making my wraps more the "messy" look, which wasn't easy for me!) them to a 3-hole connector and built the necklace up from there.  I wasn't even sure how the coral pieces would lay, but they each find their own space and it works!  The middle bead is an incredible mermaid - her tail surrounds the bead - and the top spinner is a paper bead.  Such a wonderful, unusual grouping, don't you think?  The necklace is wire wrapped pieces of coral (I had those pieces in my stash - how lucky was that?) and I also added a couple tagua rounds to the mix.  Love this statement piece!  Thanks, Teegan! 

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