COLOR makes my heart SING!

A most beeeuuuuttteeeeeful new design by Eileen Barker, owner of Bead Street, named "Brookside", taught in a class by Susan Weber.  Of course, I chose to make it as colorful as possible (imagine!) with as many spring colored beads I could gather spread out on my mat.  The orange/peach/pink/rose combo with all the turquoise/green/yellow/metallics is so much fun.  This is a substantial bracelet and quite the wrist statement. It starts with RAW and works out from there.  It also incorporates many fun 2-hole beads, including super duos and piggy beads.

Some darlin bird earrings with multi colored piggies dangling below...

 And, last, but certainly not least, a fun color of a necklace, a slightly different version of the bracelet pattern, with three sections stitched together as triangles with double chain to hold in place.  I tried one chain on either side, but the middle triangle kept trying to invert, so a jump ring linking the two separate chains seemed to give it a little more stability and made the diff.  It now lays nicely!

I went back and added on to this necklace, below, so it would lay better around my neck.  Added in the rounds along the chain, and it really helped keep the chain separated and straight.

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