Been a couple of weeks, as I've been unable to get to my blog, and also I've been in Montana visiting our son and daughter-in-law.  We have a beautiful new granddaughter, so I was incredibly fortunate to spend some time with these great kids, my new girl, Lily, and her brother Noah, who is 3 this Sunday.  Oh, it's so glorious to be a grandparent, and now to have a girl, well... need I say more?  Two grandsons and a granddaughter, and life is good.  

Here's my newest bracelet, a design by Vezsuzsi named "Rasmus" and taught by Sandy at Bead Street.  I have truly been missing my beadin' friends, and excited to get back to it this weekend.  This pattern used several two-hole beads, but the pyramids are my favs at the moment!  I mixed up as many colors as I could think of on this one, and really love how it turned out.  Lots of spring colors... purples, turquoise, the bright green pyramids, light purple 2-hole tiles, and multi-green 2-hole bricks.  Orange 8/0 sbs, turquoise 11/0 sbs and purple 15/0 sbs complement the design.  I added a magnet closure and peyote stitched it, to give it the final finish.

And, here's just a little peek at my darlins in MT...

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