Beautiful blues and purples - what's a better combo?  The gorgeous shades of blue in this bracelet really gave me something to cheer about.  I started the pattern with what became the earrings - slightly lighter shades and I just felt like I needed more, so I  switched a few bead shades and oh my - color is truly what makes the world go round.  Can you see the drops interspersed on either side?  Love that... I diverted slightly from the original Marcia Balonis' pattern aptly named "Dew Drops" and added a 2-hole pyramid in the center to give it some pop!!  I also added a short strip of peyote on either end, with a bronze metal clasp.  I really like these interlocking clasps - I just need to remember they take up some room, so sizing a bracelet is a bit more of a challenge. 

Thanks Sandy for teaching this fun class at Bead Street!  And, for all those sweet goodies from my fellow beaders.  It was a wonderful Valentine's class!  And, last but not least...Sharon...your unexpected thoughtfulness truly overwhelmed me.  Thanks so much!  Random acts of kindness... 

These earrings came together so nicely.  Especially after I spotted the large rounds at Bead Street.  I kind of had a vision of the end result, and low and behold, here it is...Love the flower brass bead caps.  They kind of finish the look.

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Eileen said...

Love, love, love, the colors. Also love the two-hole pyramid in middle of bracelet. Adds another texture and makes it your own - and you know how much I love that. Thanks for posting this.