This zig zaggy "Zipper" bracelet pattern is from TrendSetter designer Anna Lindell taught by Sue (thanks Sue!) at Bead Street.  Of course, I got to stitching, and one thing led to another -- I wasn't paying close enough attention to the placement of my 2-hole triangles, which are supposed to be offset, like a zipper, not across from each other...  But,  I love my mistake!  So, just sayin... wrong isn't always wrong, and sometimes it becomes a new favorite design -- for me anyhoo!  The correct pattern is shown down the page in the purple version.  It is a wonderful design and these are both beautiful in their own right (I think!)

Here's the designer's version, stitched properly according to her instructions!  The base uses 1.5 cube beads and is stitched in RAW.  The back is really quite lovely as well!

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Eileen said...

Gotta say - am loving the multi colors of triangles as well. That not on original pattern either. Great work Janet!