Happy New Year to you all!  May 2015 bring us all some happiness.  I know there will be other stuff thrown in there too, cuz there always is, but as long as it is interspersed with happiness, and lots and lots of beading... Here's a new design by Vezsuzsi she calls P. Derrick.  As I've mentioned before, not sure where these names come from.  I just bead 'em as we learn 'em.  Thanks Sandy Taylor for another wonderful class (it's just about as much about this family of friends--we have such a great time together!), at Eileen's Bead Street.  Plus Eileen is getting these new piggy beads, and so many more wonderful new beads coming every week.  I know, I know... but really, isn't this gorgeous?


 You can even see the reflection of the trees overhead in this version.  Ha!  Trees with lots of limbs and no leaves that is.

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