This was a fun project, and the colors were just oh... so gorgeous, but alas, it was one of those projects where you spin your wheels, you learn (AFTER remaking it twice!) and then it's just time to put it down.  I had this bracelet all but complete, for the second time, as shown in these first two pics below, just needed to finish the peyote stitch on one side of the magnet to cover the silver - when I put it on to show my hubby how lovely it had turned out - and, splish splash... one of the tiles came loose (and the tiles are critical, since they make up the base of the pattern) and the rest came tumbling down thereafter.  Yes, I bead tight, and my tiles must have been sharp on the inside, because the fireline looked like it was cut, even though I had gone back through the entire bracelet two times. Oh me oh my... what a sad day for me.  A beautiful bangle bracelet pattern designed by Vezsuzsi and taught by the lovely Sandy at Bead Street.  So... nothing left to do but let my own creative juices flow.  I just started stitching with all the same beads, sans the tiles, to make my own pattern.  See below for that project.

My JDreams original below - not as fancy as the intricate pattern above, but I'm in love with it, and so far so good - it's wearing just fine...out of disappointment comes new light, or creativity ... or something like that! HA!

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