Fun Colored Leather bracelets and earrings for spring!

The sun shining through these fire polish beads shows the gorgeous tones -- perfect!

These eye catcher earrings match the copper/red leather bracelet above and were made as a set for  Mother's Day for one of my two wonderful daughters in law.  They are such a great color combo for her, and very light in weight.  You can see I'm into the flower mode now for spring/summer!

These darlin layered flowers  below were made to go with the turquoise leather bracelet above -- also for Mother's Day for my second wonderful daughter in law! They are a perfect length for her and the pinks, turquoise and green so springlike. Also very light in weight!

MORE fun earrings below.  I'm loving the spring/summer pallette of turquoise, pinks, green, yellow, BRIGHT PINK, peaches, etc.  So many fun colors to choose from!

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