As promised in my last post, here's the completed bracelet showing the final closure.  The super duo rounds as the closure have kind of become my added "interpretation" of this design since I can't seem to make one that is long enough to fit me - I tell myself to quit stitching so dang tight, but to no avail... so I end up having to add on. All because of an original design by Eileen, owner of Bead Street.  

Here are the completed bracelets, side by side.  The color combinations for this pattern are only limited by the colors of the super duos - isn't the herringbone pattern down the center an eye-catcher?  I also used peanut beads on the outside of the melon red version, instead of 11.0 sb - I think it gives a bit more depth to the outer edge.  This time for the closure I added a darlin copper button.

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