I finished my latest project -- the necklace to match the earrings at the end of my last blog entry.  It's my version of Maria Teresa Moran's pattern for a bracelet, which I modified to make into a necklace.  Turned out, well..., gorgeous!  It drapes nicely on the neck.  Many hours of bugling, so to speak, ha ha, but nice effect.  And, I don't usually like repetition, but this pattern was a lot of fun so it kept my interest.
A large crystal centerpiece, with twisted bugle beads around the focal, 6 mm bicone crystal and 8 sb and 15 sb inside the bugles.  Smaller triangles thereafter with two different bugle beads, matte and shiny, with 11 sb, 15 sb and 4mm bicones.

Necklace and earrings.  Nice combo.

This necklace was a fun change from the stitching and repetition of the last piece and the colors make me happy!  Fun tagua nut rounds and a new chain maille pattern - thanks, Sandy, at Bead Street!  It's a Byzantine pattern.  I hadn't done that before and of course the options are endless.  Everyone else made a bracelet with a bead wired in the center or a few interspersed inbetween the chain maille, but I did my own thing... imagine!  Next will be a bracelet... hmmmmm... not sure exactly what I'll do, but it'll include these colors OF COURSE!


Anonymous said...

Your inner beauty transforms into your art. Thank you for sharing yourself. <3

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love the necklace and earrings inspired by Maria Teresa Moran. Perfect choice of colors...just beautiful!