Valentine's Day came and went, as has the whole month of February actually -- unfortunately, the bronchitis-flu, coughing, ache all over visitor came to see me and has been here way past the four day limit -- more like five weeks and counting.  So,  I haven't done alot of beading since the first of February. My eyes just won't focus! But, I am slowly and steadily seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.  Here's what I was working on before my visitor. I didn't get to wear this lovely on Valentine's Day!  I think I'll just make my own HEART day (or week) and wear all my red!!!  :)  Have I mentioned I love HEARTS?  :)

I wire wrapped loops for the chain and added silver fire polish, with a few red fire polish interspersed. 


 This is a better exposure, showing true difference in the red crystals.

Too much exposure on this one, but still pretty.  Small amount of chain is shown wound around top.  Yep it's a darlin' salt shaker (w/hearts!!).  I am constantly looking for new props!  This one worked!
This heart is two toned using AB copper and yellow crystals. 
Earrings to match, OF COURSE!  Crystal hearts with 4mm - copper color.


A necklace I made to match peyote dangle earrings (shown earlier in my blog - around Christmas).  I learned this way fun pattern from Eileen Barker @ Bead Street, where else?  Love love love this pattern.  So many things you can do with it.  I added the little top drilled flowers as an extra point of interest.  They fit in perfectly!

 I made these earrings following a pattern designed by Maria Teresa Moran.  She made a three tier bracelet, featured on the cover of Beadwork magazine (Feb/March 2013).  These earrings are absolutely gorgeous and I'm in the process of designing my own version of a necklace to go with.  Love the copper crystals with the turquoise and multi-metal seed beads.  I haven't really worked with bugle beads much, so this has been a fun project using two different bugles.  One with sheen and one matte.


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Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the heart jewelry! Can't decide which I like the best (which is unusual for me). wink
You are so very talented, dear cuz.