So many special celebrations in the first quarter of the year - and March is no exception.  My hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary - 35 years married - 37 years together to be exact, on March 11.  Who knew it could last?  :))))  So, I begin this post with a lovely Spring array...  Thanks, hon.  xoxo
And, if you see a piece showcased in my blog that catches your eye, and you would like to know if it is available, or pricing, feel free to inquire.  Many of my pieces could be recreated w/slight change and color combo, or even if you like the one posted, it may be available.  Comment below, or email me at jdreamz4u@gmail.com. 

Color makes such a difference in picture presentation, doesn't it? So, I am constantly looking for a fun background change.  I'm not there yet -- this may be a bit too much, but I did like the majenta color.  It kind of makes the metallic/grey pop.  I used a more neutral background below with the same piece. Whaddya think?   This bead pattern is so versatile and just so substantial looking -- I have made a few different versions--super duos and 11's with some fire polish and 4mm pearls thrown in here and there.  Thanks again, Eileen!   I put the leaf toggle on upside down -- I think it provides more options - hang it in the front for a more dramatic focal piece, or place in the back, as a regular toggle.

Earrings to match.  Love these little birds on the filligre oblongs.
  Here's the more neutral background.  Which do you think presents better?

My newest completed project - a really fun pattern, learned at Bead Street (thanks Eileen!), with the very newest two-hole lentels in green, jade 3mm Czech pearls, and 11's. The lentels stick up ever so slightly, to give it a little depth. I couldn't leave it alone, after I thought it was finished, and further embellished beyond the original pattern to add a scallop of 15's and 3mm carnelian rounds. This color combination speaks to me!!

                    And last, but not least -- I'm decorated and ready for the Easter Bunny to deliver some Reeces chocolate bunnies!!!!   YUMMERS!

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