A mix of projects.  First, this beautiful "Solange" pendant designed  by Anna Bawden and showcased on the cover of the April/May 2019 Beadwork.  It took me awhile to figure out how each of the 3-hole copper BowTrios fit together.  Yes... it took me a couple of tries cuz I was having severe brain failure that day... :(  They were a bit cumbersome for me at the beginning, but then they fit right in with the right and left ZoliDuos.  Those need attention as well, for proper placement.  There definitely is a right and wrong way to string them.  And, I had this beautiful Golem cabochon in my stash, which I substituted for the pressed-glass cabochon called for in the pattern.   This is a much richer look I think, although it does add a bit more weight.  The turquoise necklace was part of my stash, so that's what's working right now.  I also made a siri silk version for a softer drape.  

Below, a wonderful project  from a class taught by The Moods of Eve jewelry designer, metal worker and creator Beth Routhier.  This bracelet is aptly named "Slick Slider".  Beth is a wonderfully patient instructor, and so kind to assist when I'm struggling with sheet metal, or using my fingers, instead of the tools!!!  Ha!  This pattern started out with a flat piece of copper sheet metal and after hammering and punching holes, and rolling and forming forming into these tubes, several strands of 1" or 1.5" leather were added (I used a variety of colors in the copper/silver/grey/brown range), and then the metal was carefully closed.  The clasp included some wire wrapping for a finished look and rondelles for some bling.  Thanks Beth!  Always enjoy you and your classes.

A JDreams earring design below.  I used already made and hammered brass loops, and then wire wrapped 4mm fire polish, 8.0 seed beads and 4mm swarovski crystals around it.  The colors were incredible!  

Some Easter earrings I made at the last minute.  Life has been so full lately, I hadn't made anything for that Holiday, so found a perfect pattern at Fusion Beads.  Brick stitchin' some eggs just in time for the Easter bunny!  

and, another pattern from Fusion Beads' Inspiration page called "living coral".  These are fantastic.  Lots of time invested in these little rows back and forth I must say, but so fun to wear.  15.0 round seed beads and 11.0 delicas in galvanized gold. I changed pattern ever so slightly and used delicas on the ends instead of rounds.

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