A fall creation for a birthday bestie...I'm a little behind in getting this posted to my blog.  Let's just say the local and national events of last week threw me for a loop and I've had to talk to myself a lot about it.  I think lots more beading may be in order to freshen my mind and my spirit. 

As I've mentioned in past blogs, my pieces really do come to me based on the person in my mind view.  This one is for Aimee who loves black and brown -- and, I've done that for her on at least one occasion !!! but, I cannot do it too often because color gives me the boost and the enthusiasm to create - that and the limitless possibilities of beads and pendants and shapes and wire and leather -- did I mention beads?  So, here goes... this is a fun, unusual necklace creation for me, starting with the Golem cabochon.  I was so happy with my embellishment and the colors I used for the bezel in 11.0 and 15.0.  I kept thinking I needed to do more, but this really was quite perfect.  (I do tend to want to overdo it... so I had to hold my mind and my fingers still!!)  I also incorporated a bit of leather as part of the strap, painted and sanded the button to pull in the colors of the pendant, and put in three Czech glass leaves for pop.  Love the look and how the smaller leaves move out slightly. 

The earrings are my design - although I have seen other artists do something similar.  18 and 24 gauge copper patinaed wire wrappings to give a cage effect.  Love how the beads are always in movement -- free to go back and forth on the wire.  This ensemble and these colors look beautiful on you Aimee! 

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Aimee Stephenson said...

Thank you thank you thank you! They are so beautiful!!! I love the yellow and orange contrast against the turquoise. And the copper wire and leather is such a FUN combo!!! <3