An unlikely pairing you might think!  Peyote stitch around a wonderful polymer clay Day of the Dead pendant?  I think the contrast works great, but getting to just the right contrast was a challenge.  It took me two very long attempts to get it right.  I spent several hours on the first version, which just wasn't coming together - hate it when that happens.  But, finally, my "aha" moment - also love that reverse side of things when it happens!  The polymer pendant is from one of my go to favs, Staci Louise Originals, and it has an incredible reverse side as well.  Staci makes her pendants wearable on either side, which I love, and this set, for the fall, Halloween and the Day of the Dead celebration, is just plain fun!  The earrings came first, and were in my last post, with the hope that a necklace would follow and be a compliment.  I think I accomplished that...


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