My creative inner beader has suffered this summer.  Seems like being outdoors, in our garden, sitting in a chair sipping a lovely cold beverage, or a variety of other nice weather activities have all taken priority for my available time.  I do miss my "creative self" right now, but I guess not enough to get back to my routine.  Soon enough I keep saying... so for now, here are my very few projects completed since my last post. 

Some adorable little Cubic Cuties, as the stitch designer, Anna Elizabeth Draeger, calls them.  They truly are adorbs in my earring design!  It did take one of my beading sistahs and myself a little time to get the cube thing down, making it fit together evenly.  Unfortunately, you can't see the Swarovski crystals in the peachy/turquoise pair - they are hidden in the center of the cube, but they are the same color as just above the drops.  Thanks one more time Sharon for the wonderful idea of the 6mm bugles, and for sharing some with me.  They pretty much put the finishing touch on the cube in my opinion!

This darling necklace is my design, using one of Tracee Dock's (Classic Bead) adorable ceramic pendants, along with some free form wire wrapping and bead stringing.  I have many many of Tracee's hand crafted artisan pendants and beads, and I keep them safe -- until I am ready to let go of one.  They are all unique and wonderful.  This one is no exception.  A posie in greens and yellows.  So cute! 

And below, one of my works in progress... Nope, it's not quite done -- close -- but not done.  It's a very fun bracelet, but peyote takes some time, and getting the right 8.0 sb to "puff" for the diamonds, around the 11.0 sb base, took a bit.  I love the bright colors... big surprise! Yep, I'm almost done.  One more row of blue/turquoise transparent drops down one side and it'll be ready for wrist viewing.  Ha ha!

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