This zig zaggy "Zipper" bracelet pattern is from TrendSetter designer Anna Lindell taught by Sue (thanks Sue!) at Bead Street.  Of course, I got to stitching, and one thing led to another -- I wasn't paying close enough attention to the placement of my 2-hole triangles, which are supposed to be offset, like a zipper, not across from each other...  But,  I love my mistake!  So, just sayin... wrong isn't always wrong, and sometimes it becomes a new favorite design -- for me anyhoo!  The correct pattern is shown down the page in the purple version.  It is a wonderful design and these are both beautiful in their own right (I think!)

Here's the designer's version, stitched properly according to her instructions!  The base uses 1.5 cube beads and is stitched in RAW.  The back is really quite lovely as well!



These newly discovered piggy beads are so much fun.  I couldn't wait to make another color combo.  Gold/brown/green toned version was from my last post - Scroll down for more of version #2.  Spring versus Fall so to speak -- I've put them side by side in this first shot so you can see the difference color makes!

Plus, earrings to match of course...beaded puff beads using 2-hole super duos.  These were from my March, 2014 posts.  Love this pattern from SashaSi.  It uses many beads, but the earrings are still light enough not to weight down your ear.  Splash of color!  They look beautiful on you Krissy!!!




Happy New Year to you all!  May 2015 bring us all some happiness.  I know there will be other stuff thrown in there too, cuz there always is, but as long as it is interspersed with happiness, and lots and lots of beading... Here's a new design by Vezsuzsi she calls P. Derrick.  As I've mentioned before, not sure where these names come from.  I just bead 'em as we learn 'em.  Thanks Sandy Taylor for another wonderful class (it's just about as much about this family of friends--we have such a great time together!), at Eileen's Bead Street.  Plus Eileen is getting these new piggy beads, and so many more wonderful new beads coming every week.  I know, I know... but really, isn't this gorgeous?


 You can even see the reflection of the trees overhead in this version.  Ha!  Trees with lots of limbs and no leaves that is.