Who doesn't love flowers in any design?  Anything goes with this pattern and the fun part is you can layer the petals in any color you choose!  You're really only held back by the colors of daggers and rizos in your stash.  It's a pattern taught by Susan Weber at Bead Street, which she aptly named "Dagger Daisy".  It uses Rizos, 1 and 2-hole daggers.   I'm still playing with my colors - and I used 8.0 sb, but you can also use 11.0 sb, which brings things in a little closer.  As my eyes age, I'm likin' those bigger beads I must admit.  Ha!  A completed project coming, so check back in a few days.



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Eileen said...

These flowers are just stunning. Don't know how I missed this post but glad you have it - reminder to get Sue back on this now that Spring is here. Maybe that's it - I want Spring.