My finished bracelet using super duos - shown in my last post 'in process'.  This really turned out beautiful.  Eileen's pattern is so versatile.  I added two end squares in a blue, which was very fun.  Next version of this pattern I'll try a different variation of color on each square.  So, stay tuned.  

Me n hearts... love 'em.  Anything with a heart is lovely in my book.  I needed to get back on the brighter color bandwagon, so I strung orange quartzite and dyed jade with a hammered heart pendant.  To my way of thinking, it may need a little more personal oomph... :) so I'll probably add some dangles on the jump rings above the heart.  But for now... Am loving the color!  And, aren't these earrings fun?  These decoupaged beads are so light, so you can add a heavier stone and your ear lobes won't be weighed down.



A special order to start off my flower frenzy...

Starting to get my czech flowers, leaves and swarovski out again... do love them so.  My favorite spring and summer glass and crystals to work with.  This springtime necklace and earrings were a special order.  The request was for something very light, with pastel colors.  I love the resulting look for the blooming season.
Fun flower earrings - very light and colorful.
The necklace centerpiece.  More flowers, with some lucite and of course copper, my metal of choice.  And, my signature... a ♥!

Full view of the necklace.

Below, the latest incredible pattern from Eileen at Bead Street using super duos. Still a work in progress for me - I'll post the finished version once it's done. I had purchased czech squares to stitch in where the swarovski bicones are now... but, alas, the squares wouldn't lay flat, so instead of fighting it on this first version, I opted for the bicones. I actually love the crystals and the color combo. What this wonderful woman Eileen has shared, and continues to share, with me and others, is such a GIFT.   Thank you so much for making me a better beader and giving me all this inspiration. I could NOT have gotten this far without your encouragement, your willingness to share with me, and your LOVE for beading. ♥

 And, last but certainly not least - the beautiful blooms on our front door tree.  I think it is a flowering crab apple, and each year it brings me such joy as it awakens our walkway with color. It's one of the first signs of life renewed!!!



NEW BRACELETS - The first two shown below are the same pattern using the new double hole bricks, but wow, what a difference in appearance just by substituting ...

Here's the first one I made - a totally new design by Eileen Barker at Bead Street using two hole bricks, just in.  (Thanks, Eileen!) BEAD STREET.  These beads certainly open up a whole new dimension of possibilities.  My bracelet looks like cotton candy to me... it's totally Spring.

I used a Czech glass button, which reflects all the colors of the beads.

 Here's the fun part - SAME pattern, but using daisy two hole Czech glass beads instead of the bricks.   Don't you love how a pattern can look totally different just by a substitution?  And, to make the daisy bracelet a little wider with a bit of a flair, I added an extra row through the picots using square 4mm and 11sb.


 A freeform wire flower bracelet using 26 gauge wire to wrap the beads and leaves - added to chainmaille - using two colors of jump rings.  The wire wrapping was a challenge, but the wire gave me a little more flexibility in readjusting locale of each bead/leaf.




I just finished this beauty.  Love love love it!

This is such a wonderful SPRING dedication piece!  Several layers of fun stitching.  8's, 11's, 15's with milky opal czech petals, green drops, with orange transparent czech leaves underneath, all encircling that gorgeous swarovski crystal rivoli.  This is a fun picture too -- see the umbrella reflection in the glass?  It just makes me happy!