My finished bracelet using super duos - shown in my last post 'in process'.  This really turned out beautiful.  Eileen's pattern is so versatile.  I added two end squares in a blue, which was very fun.  Next version of this pattern I'll try a different variation of color on each square.  So, stay tuned.  

Me n hearts... love 'em.  Anything with a heart is lovely in my book.  I needed to get back on the brighter color bandwagon, so I strung orange quartzite and dyed jade with a hammered heart pendant.  To my way of thinking, it may need a little more personal oomph... :) so I'll probably add some dangles on the jump rings above the heart.  But for now... Am loving the color!  And, aren't these earrings fun?  These decoupaged beads are so light, so you can add a heavier stone and your ear lobes won't be weighed down.

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