There's just not enough time during the month of December, and each year I cram all those things in that I should have been methodically completing all year long.  But, alas, that's not how it happens.  So, there hasn't been much to post lately relative to my artistry... mostly because it has been in varying stages of completion, but also because I've been working on gifts, so I can't let those out of the bag before they are unwrapped!  I can show a couple of the bracelets I made in classes at Bead Street in November - a beautiful pattern by Nicole Starman called "Promenade" and another by Vezsuzsi called Rizomizo.  Both delightful and substantial on the wrist.
 Vezsuzsi pattern

Nicole's pattern below - love it.  It's a cuff, which I don't usually wear because they are too big, but this is "just right".

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!  Have a wonderful and joyous time with family and friends.  I will post pictures of "those gifts" once I have them available.  Thanks for following me this past year.  CHEERS!


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