Christmas Project Review...

Ahhh, the Christmas rush is over.  That's a good feeling... oh, wait... until I realize I have about 10 birthdays coming up in the next couple of months... and then I start dreaming about all those projects I have yet to start.  It's a good dream though... so I keep telling myself, no worries.  Okay, I digress... for right now, these projects are COMPLETE and gifted to my darlin daughters-in-law, so I need to enjoy the moment.  These leather wrap bracelets are so popular, and pretty comfortable to wear, and the options are truly endless.  Here are two versions in differing color combos.  That's where I started with both sets - bracelets first, then earrings, then necklaces. 

This sun pendant has a clay-like under color with turquoise and other multi colors over the top from Fusion Beads.  I love the hearts all the way around the sun, which I didn't even notice when I saw it on-line.  I love hearts, so that was an unknown bonus!

This pendant is from The Classic Bead.  Tracee Dock does wonderful work and I've purchased many of her ceramic pendants over the last few years.  I'm never disappointed with what I see on-line and what I receive in the mail. 

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