This dainty, beautiful pattern is a design by Marcia Balonis, 2013 Starman Trendsetter designer, called Burgeoning Blossoms. Class taught by Sandy at my favorite shop, BeadStreet.  I started a bracelet in class and just didn't feel like it was my best work, so came home and tore it down and started over.  I actually did things a little differently the second time around.  I went through each of the bricks twice as I made the base, then spaced the flower petals out over the bracelet (using half as many) so I could see the Czechmates bricks underneath.  The brick beads are beautiful in their own right, and while they provide a sturdy base for the petals, I wanted to showcase them as well.  I also did a trim of 15.0 and 11.0 sb's along the outer edge on both sides to cover my stitch pattern, and while the pattern uses 11.0 seed beads to wrap around each flower, I used 15.0 sb's and also inserted 15.0's around the pearl in the center of the flower.  This design is very dainty around the flowers, and I found I had to really be careful (I stitch very tight!) as I wrapped them underneath, or the flower would disintegrate before my eyes.  That's when I started crying... LOUDLY!

Love the milky colorations and specks of color on these 8mm Czech petals.  I used three different colors, all from BeadStreet

I added a brass flower button for my closure with peyote stitch loop (of course)!
The bricks show nicely underneath, and enough through the top to give that added pop of color.

This shot better shows the braided effect of the 15.0/11.0 sb trim down the sides of the bracelet.

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Hi, you have a really great jewelry, I look over at you more often.
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