It's Friday . . . ahhhhh.  I'm looking forward to a weekend with real glee!  Hope I can take an hour here or there to zone out w/my beads.

Another design using leaves and tuquoise rounds

My ring design using salt water pearls, peanuts, swarovski crystals

A decoupaged peacock bead embellished with 11's, 15's and drop beads...it's so light!

My pictures of this necklace are slightly lacking... The glass on the necklace was hard to capture, but the milky finish on the larger white beads is lovely with the copperish/goldish czech rondelles and the brass seed beads/chain.  Love love love these brass modeled beads.

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Eileen said...

Beautiful work Janet. Love, love, love the rings. The 'Peacock' pendant is stunning as well.