A design by Robijo Burzynski called Equilateral Earrings!  The project was for earrings, but the size was more conducive for a pendant - and it was kind of time consuming on my first go-round.  Love the way it turned out though and the angles of it all - the tubular peyote, along with the herringbone stitch, really makes this pattern unique.  Very different styling for me and well worth the effort!    I saw the design in the June/July 2016 BeadWork magazine and just had to try it.  These colors are perfect for my spring wardrobe.  In fact turquoise is kind of a staple with me - in all shades from light to dark. 

Some darling little beaded bead earrings to go with - I didn't make them to go with the pendant, but they sure do!  Love it when that happens.  Right now I'm definitely into this color combination can you tell?

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