Making earrings using a component of any kind, whether I make it with wire, or it comes pre-made... I just love the process and the concept.   It's kind of freeing for me as I just start adding beads and where it goes nobody knows... especially me.  Here's (truly) one of my most adorbs creations in earrings.  The color combinations were fun and ultimately worked PERFECTLY together.  I do have to say that I thought of cutting the first earring apart, as it didn't seem like it was working, but again, I just kept on stringing...  Don't you love these?  I know someone who does!  ME and one other!  xo

Next, a fun and easy project with an incredible African Chevron Trade Bead from Tracee Dock at Classic Bead/Classic Elements.  I loosely braided some ribbon for the necklace and I'm off to the races... need to make some earrings now to go with.  But, this was a fun, easy way for me to dangle a gorgeous bead, and because the bead is already heavy, adding more just didn't seem like the thing to do for this project. 

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