What an exciting project - starting with a flat piece of copper metal, and, ending with a lovely pendant.  It's unlike anything I have done, so it was a learning experience for sure.  Taught by Beth at Bead Street aptly called "Pod Pendant".  It took me some time to get past my initial mind block.  Beth asked us all to draw an oblong form on the metal and then start cutting it out with metal shears -- say what?  Free-form a design? On metal?  Again... what?  ha ha. The best part of this creation is that everyone in the class had a beautiful pendant at the end of the day, and we all had our own method of inspiration and metal working.  As we found out, the copper metal is very forgiving and this project very "organic".  Even if you have no clue, the key is to just keep working on it, and eventually it will turn into something incredible.   Soooo, here it is - my first attempt at working with metal, and I must say, I am proud of myself and ready for the next project.  Thanks, Beth!  It was a great afternoon. P.S.  The incredible purple beads are druzy quartz beads from Bead Street.  They are such an "eye catcher" in the right light.

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