It's been awhile (2011!) since I've stitched this lentil pattern, so when I heard it was going to be offered again (thx Sue!) at Bead Street, I jumped at it. Why not?  I love seeing Bead Street owner and beading guru extraordinaire Eileen, love her store, and all my beading friends... It's an awesome place to be on a Saturday afternoon!  So, I was ready to make something in a mixture of orange, pink, turquoise, and metallics, so this bracelet worked into my plan perfectly.  I started with a base using 8.0 seed beads, and from there used a mixture of 8.0 and 11.0 seed beads, lentils, 3mm rounds, drops and orange shell rounds for my "sherbet" lentil bracelet!  I stitched through the bracelet twice to get my desired fullness - I love this color combination.  Dang, but I could not get a picture to show the "true" colors no matter what lighting I used, so unfortunately, these shots do not show the absolute yumminess of this bracelet.  Have to see it to appreciate it, but you get the idea.  See what you think...

PLUS, I do love to alternate the types of projects I'm working on, so here's my previous project.  A pattern I found on Fusion Beads website,  using two-hole lentils with beading wire instead of fireline.  Fun change and very versatile. 

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