It's the week of Thanksgiving and my beading has slowed way down for the sake of all the other things I have going on in my mind and in real time! But, here are a few miscellaneous designs. I'm working towards more proficiency on maneuvering this blog...here goes..
The backdrop and lighting don't do these earrings any justice, but what ya gonna do? The main gemstone is really a beautiful green--it looks washed out in this pic--coupled with the more traditional blue round turq. and the copper wire wrap.  I do love earthtones... as if you couldn't tell. 

This is a ceramic bead I encompassed with peyote and then made a beaded chain in complimentary colors/beads.  A customer at my favorite hair salon, Moira, liked it enough to buy it --I hope she is enjoying it!

Think "lots of time" on this one.  It was my first, and probably LAST, attempt at bead crochet.  I tend to stitch too tight, imagine that!! and by the time I finished the small section of crochet, it would barely bend, so it became part of a necklace.  I learned the crochet technique at Bead Street.

Another bracelet with a copper button centerpiece and peyote.  Czech glass oblongs and pearls make really nice bracelet straps.  I've kind of gotten into this peyote thing... am liking it alot.  It makes any gemstone, bead, button, etc. look so rich, I think!

One of my JDream ring designs.  Same pattern as the leaf bracelet in my first post, just with different beads. The colors are great with the AP swarovski crystals and the turquoise drops.


Katherine at Terra Beadworks said...

Hi Janet: I heard about you from Eileen so just followed your blog. You have some truly amazing pieces! I love all your designs and it seems your style is similar to my own. I enjoy wire wrapping and beadweaving. Playing with beads is wonderful therapy! Come visit my blog if you want.

Penny said...

Congratulations Janet! I love your work and vivd use of color.